“Join MERIDA’s Social Contribution Activities”  Share your love with all!

MERIDA is stepping up.

“Making the time you spend with your dear dog that much more sumptuous...”
Keeping our traditional concept and perspective, we are adding that fuzzy and warm feeling you get when helping the environment and society. With our own methods and ideas, MERIDA will actively contribute to enrich society and will do so with the help of our customers.

MERIDA’s approach is simple.

  • —I’d love for my dear dog to have a cute little collar...
  • —It’d be nice to have a matching set of clothes with my dear dog...
  • —I’m considering buying a pretty carry bag for when I go out with my dear dog.

Well, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the usual fun shopping leads to contribution to society?

♥ (love) for your dear dog becomes
♥ (love) for others as well as your dear dog.

Love For You

 4 YOU” logo is our symbol to support such activities.
A percentage of our profit will become a donation! (Please see below for details.)
Stepping up... Please give a hand to spread happiness.
Share your love with all!

Groups/Activities that MERIDA supports

Japan Guide Dog Association:
Japan Guide Dog Association
We have installed a donation box in the MERIDA shop for the support and nurturing of seeing-eye dogs. A percentage of the profit from seasonal limited sales of Charity Bags (i.e. lucky bags) also goes to this association.
Finding foster homes for lonely pets website, “LONELY PET”:
ペットの里親募集情報検索サイトLONELY PET(ロンリーペット)
MERIDA supports “LONELY PET”, in which people can search for pets by certain conditions. Pets will be searched for from databases of protection groups and individual volunteers who help care for animals that were due to be put down at the public health centers. We assist them with their activities so that more lives can be saved.

Profits from “Join MERIDA’s Social Contribution Activites, 4 YOU” will be donated to abovementioned regional groups and associations that require support to contribute to society. Please keep an eye out for our ever-expanding “ 4 YOU” activities.